Investment Management

Our Approach

Investment Management

At Sabal Trust, we believe the focus on prudent growth, cash flow generation and the management of inherent risks in the market place will add value to portfolios over long market cycles and represent the best approach toward managing assets.

That’s why our investment team constructs portfolios utilizing customized investment strategies to achieve your personal goals and objectives. Through a consistent, ongoing process of monitoring and feedback, we assure adherence to the highest asset management and fiduciary standards.

Learn how Portfolio Construction, Dividend Growth and Fixed Income play important roles in this process.

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Our Portfolio

Construction Process

Building portfolios involves an ongoing dialog with clients and their families as we continually review investment strategies to ensure that we are on track to accomplish their goals and objectives.

The portfolio construction process includes:

  • Defining Goals & Objectives
  • Identifying Risk Tolerances
  • Establishing Time Horizons
  • Determining Income & Liquidity Needs

Sabal Trust’s goal is to create an individualized investment management portfolio to achieve long-term growth and stability through:

  • Asset Allocation
  • Diversification
  • Sector Expertise
  • Tax Efficiency
  • Fundamentally Sound Investments

Dividend Growth Portfolio

Sabal Trust focuses on identifying high-quality companies whose transparent businesses generate solid cash flows, have a greater degree of earnings predictability and demonstrate consistency across business operations. Our adherence to these basic tenets is critical to the stability and predictability of portfolio total returns and to reducing overall portfolio risk. Returning capital to shareholders through increasing dividends is paramount to our strategy.

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  • Prudent Growth
  • Risk Management
  • Dividend Income

  • Stable, Growing Dividend Income
  • Potential for Capital Appreciation
  • Sector, Industry & Company Diversification

  • Above-average Dividend Yield
  • Expectation of Dividend Increases
  • Quality Earnings Growth
  • Compelling Valuation

  • Stock is Overvalued
  • Current Yield Is Relatively Unattractive
  • Deterioration of Fundamentals
  • Stock Underperforms Expectations

Fixed Income

Fixed income instruments are a critical component of any diversified portfolio. Sabal Trust typically utilizes high-quality, investment-grade bonds, giving portfolios enhanced diversification, wealth protection and stable cash flows. Managing credit risks and duration risks are an important part of the portfolio management process.

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  • Principal Protection
  • Reduce Portfolio Volatility
  • Enhance Predictability of Returns

  • Low Turnover
  • Opportunistic Purchases/Sales
  • Sector and Issuer Diversification
  • Customized Portfolios

  • Investment-Grade Credit Quality
  • Suitable Term/Maturity Structure
  • Client Tax Considerations
  • Relative Value

  • Attractive Swap Opportunity
  • Rating Downgrade
  • Deterioration of Issuer Fundamentals