Estate Settlement

Representing You

Estate Settlement

Taking on the role of the Personal Representative (PR) is multi-faceted, often time-consuming and can be emotionally challenging. Sabal Trust’s PR services include all the tasks involved in settling your estate, and, for this reason, you may turn with confidence to our experienced team for help.

Sabal Trust is experienced in settling estates with closely held businesses, commercial real estate and other unique assets.

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As Personal Representative, Sabal Trust is Responsible for Handling the Administration of Your Estate, Including:

  • Paying bills and claims against the estate
  • Marshalling and safeguarding of assets
  • Selling real estate and other assets as necessary
  • Transition of closely held businesses
  • Working with your existing legal and tax advisors
  • Timely distributions
  • Reviewing the investment portfolio
  • Settling of tax matters
  • Communicating with family, charitable and non-charitable beneficiaries

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