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Sabal Trust produces the “Our View” newsletter quarterly to provide insight into the financial marketplace. Our experts offer key overviews, strategies and interpretations of the current financial environment.



Is your glass half full or half empty? Everybody views the world through a unique set of lenses, which impacts their decision-making. The debate over the economic cycle’s sustainability and durability has investors taking both sides of the argument. Additionally, a highly polarized political environment will likely divide investors along party lines leading up to the November election. Potential political and economic changes will grip the investment landscape and set the tone for the investment environment over the coming year.


Investing is emotional. Think for a moment about the range of emotions you have experienced over time as they related to various investments. In an everchanging world, the market ups and downs can elevate investor emotions and spark both fear and greed. Understanding what influences markets helps to create an investment framework that reconciles emotions with the realities of risk and return. Recklessly embracing risk is imprudent, but it is equally irresponsible to ignore long-term investment opportunities. Consistent and methodical risk management through the cycle is the best way to protect and grow capital over time.


Investing is a life-long journey marked by emotional paradoxes. Over time and through experience, we discover that most of the external environment is beyond our direct control. Instead, we focus on what we can control: our responses and behavior. Understanding why you invest and place your assets into the capital markets is an important part of the investment process. This thought exercise allows you to reconfirm your investment goals, filter out “noise”, and focus on what really matters for you and your family.


Psychology impacts investor decision-making. The investment tone in 2019 has been dramatically different to that of the 4th quarter of last year. Deep pessimism shifted rapidly back to optimism with the markets retracing their year-end declines and are now off to their strongest start in over a quarter of a century. While a more positive pricing environment has developed, contributors to the 2018 market volatility remain in-place. Deciphering market messages is an integral part of the investment process. Mixed economic and sentiment signals make charting a path forward even more challenging.


The New Year is a time to reflect on past decision-making activities. It is also an opportunity to consider the inputs that will shape the investing environment ahead. Establishing a framework to make investment decisions for the upcoming year allows you to reconfirm the progress being made toward accomplishing your goals and objectives. If necessary, it also serves as a catalyst for adjustment. Investing is a journey filled with ebbs and flows which requires discipline, consistency, and control to achieve success.

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