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Sabal Trust produces the “Our View” newsletter quarterly to provide insight into the financial marketplace. Our experts offer key overviews, strategies and interpretations of the current financial environment.



Psychology impacts investor decision-making. The investment tone in 2019 has been dramatically different to that of the 4th quarter of last year. Deep pessimism shifted rapidly back to optimism with the markets retracing their year-end declines and are now off to their strongest start in over a quarter of a century. While a more positive pricing environment has developed, contributors to the 2018 market volatility remain in-place. Deciphering market messages is an integral part of the investment process. Mixed economic and sentiment signals make charting a path forward even more challenging.


The New Year is a time to reflect on past decision-making activities. It is also an opportunity to consider the inputs that will shape the investing environment ahead. Establishing a framework to make investment decisions for the upcoming year allows you to reconfirm the progress being made toward accomplishing your goals and objectives. If necessary, it also serves as a catalyst for adjustment. Investing is a journey filled with ebbs and flows which requires discipline, consistency, and control to achieve success.


Expectations directly influence decision-making. It is natural for each of us to be influenced by the environment around us. Currently, strong equity markets and relatively low volatility are shaping investor’s return expectations. Periodically, expectations of the future can become detached from what is realistic. This usually occurs when an environment moves to an extreme, or in today’s case as we move into the later stages of a lengthy economic cycle. Protecting your family’s assets involves adopting realistic expectations and remaining disciplined.


Periodically, we believe it is important to pause and reflect on what really matters. Understanding why you place your family assets into the capital markets can be achieved with basic questions about yourself and the environment around you.   Engaging in a thought exercise of question-asking allows you to cut through much of the technical terminology and jargon regularly used by the financial industry. Furthermore, thoughtful introspection allows you to triangulate investment goals and an outlook on risk with your underlying portfolio strategy.


Even in the face of market volatility, the global economic backdrop remains healthy and poised for continued growth. Asset price volatility creates opportunities, especially when purchasing high quality companies with solid fundamentals that display a commitment to a growing dividend stream. The duration and severity of volatile periods are always unknown and navigating through opaque, choppy market environments requires discipline and focus to protect your family legacy.

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