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Investing is a journey during which investors are on an unending quest for answers. While many answers are elusive, a continual thought exercise of question-asking allows you to better understand the potential influences on market pricing. Currently, two of the more critical questions on investors’ minds are related to inflationary pressures and the potential economic impact of the Delta and other potential COVID-19 variants. Only the passage of time and the collection of additional data will shed light on the answers.


What a difference the passage of time makes. The midpoint of 2021 is a stark contrast to the challenging environment the global community faced a year ago. We were learning a new lexicon that included social distancing, contact tracing, case counts and trying to “flatten the curve.” Today, vaccine rollouts, economic re-openings, dramatically improved health metrics and greater mobility are drivers of a healthier economy and sources of great optimism. As the economy continues to rebound and confidence levels grow, it is important to recognize that considerable work lies ahead to repair the deep fissures created by COVID-19.


One year has now passed since COVID-19 began to exert its influence on the global economy, creating deep scars across the landscape. An economic recovery is underway because of extensive support measures implemented by the Federal Reserve and Congress. Despite the COVID-19-generated challenges, stocks touched all-time highs at the end of last year. As stocks continued their push higher into 2021, they ran into the specter of inflation and rising bond yields.


In 2020, COVID-19 deeply tested the global community as we attempted to wrap our collective arms around the human, economic and financial impact of the virus. The extent of the damage the virus would unleash was unknown as people everywhere embraced a new reality of social distancing, isolation, testing, and trying to flatten the curve. Times of extreme uncertainty can shake us to our very core. Yet, people across the world responded to this historical challenge. The realities of a vaccine are paving the way for healing and recovery.


Investors have never experienced a year like 2020. Yet, we all face another hurdle ahead: The Presidential Election. Approaching November, the investment community will carefully analyze the potential market impact of different electoral outcomes. The results will inevitably influence the debate on how our political leaders fundamentally handle the domestic economy, wage growth, and position the U.S. on the global stage. We can better define the risks that lay ahead when clarity eventually shines on the uncertain political backdrop.

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