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Sabal Trust Company produces the “Our View” newsletter quarterly to provide insight into the financial marketplace. Our experts offer key overviews, strategies and interpretations of the current financial environment.



Fourth Quarter 2017 Newsletter

Investing stirs deep emotions since building and protecting a family’s legacy is a highly personal endeavor. Realistically assessing the investment landscape involves analyzing market drivers and catalysts from a dispassionate perspective. This sounds like a tall order for individuals to successfully accomplish. However, overcoming emotional biases are critical as investors synchronize their rationale for investing in the capital markets with the actual structure of their investments.

Third Quarter 2017 Newsletter

Against a fluid market and economic environment, it is critical to continually examine portfolio strategies to ensure the integration of long-term investment goals and objectives. Strong equity markets, modest economic growth, low inflation, and increasing political uncertainty characterize the current “risk-on” trading environment. Investors search for answers amidst a cacophony of economic and political voices as they ask: “Where do we go from here?”

Second Quarter 2017 Newsletter

Periods of political or economic change increase uncertainty and result in a growing number of questions about the impact on financial assets. More questions than answers exist today forcing investors to operate and make decisions in a more ambiguous environment. An effective method of dealing with these unanswered questions is to design high-quality investment strategies that withstand the test of time as investors navigate through different phases of the market cycle.


Political change after a highly contentious Presidential election will inevitably set the tone for the investment environment over the coming year. Against this backdrop, investors will position investments for an ever-evolving landscape and frame the catalysts and drivers likely to shape and define the markets.

Fourth Quarter 2016 Newsletter

Situational awareness is critical for any investor. We must recognize the prevalent risks that exist across the broader economic landscape. Approaching the Presidential election in November, we, along with the rest of the investment community, continue to analyze the market impact of potential outcomes. Against this uncertain backdrop, maintaining a long-term focus is critical as investors address major events on the horizon.