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Why Invest With Us

When you partner with Sabal Trust, it is our responsibility to place your financial hopes, dreams, goals and priorities first. We’re accountable to provide you with personalized investment management services aligned with your objectives.

As employee-owners, Sabal Trust’s staff is invested in creating and maintaining long-term relationships with you, whether you are an individual, a private foundation or an endowment. Everyone in our organization will work in your best interest and treat your assets with careful and studied consideration.

Ask Us About Our Investment Strategy Group

Sabal Trust focuses on protecting and preserving family legacies. Part of that effort involves maintaining control over the investment decision-making process. As a result, we do not outsource the investment decision-making activity. Our in-house Investment Strategy Group is responsible for developing the investment strategies used by our firm’s portfolio managers to benefit our clients and their families. This team is staffed with experienced research analysts who provide coverage of economic sectors, industries and individual companies within the stock and bond universes where we invest.


– Portfolio construction occurs internally within our local Investment Strategy Group.
– The research and selection of individual stocks and bonds that are part of our strategy, as well as the sizing and timing of trades also occurs locally.
– Portfolio decisions and investment rationale are discussed thoroughly among the team of +10 CFA Charterholders, including every client’s individual portfolio manager, who then implements the investment decisions according to each client’s individual circumstances
– Interests and priorities aligned with those of our clients.


– Carefully crafted investment process
– Disciplined and consistent decision-making
– Successful through long-term market cycles

Investment Strategy Group:

Scott L. Pieper, CFA
Chief Investment Officer
Justin Wai, CFA
Investment Analyst
Sumaiyya Khan, CFA
Fixed Income Trader, Investment Analyst

Ask Us About Our Unique Investment Committee

Sabal Trust is the only trust company in Florida whose in-house Investment Committee is staffed entirely with certified financial analysts who hold the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) credential. The CFA designation is a globally recognized, investment credential that demonstrates mastery of the skills most needed for investment analysis and decision making in today’s fast-evolving financial industry. Simply stated, it is the most respected and recognized investment credential in the world.

Moreover, each member of the Investment Committee is also a Principal (owner) of the firm and maintains a commitment to the industry’s highest standards as they work together to formulate strategic decisions and personally consult with clients to provide solutions that are unique to their circumstances.


  • Decisions made locally, not outsourced to third parties
  • Interests aligned with those of our clients


  • Clients work directly with decision makers
  • Advice tailored for each client


  • Carefully crafted investment process
  • Successful through long-term market cycles


  • Prudent advice grounded in the real world
  • Research-based solutions