Trust Services

Selecting a trustee may be one of the most important decisions in executing an estate plan and preserving your family legacy. In addition to desiring the trustee to be well organized and capable of administrating the trust according to your wishes, you should designate a trustee who has the experience and integrity in handling the investment, legal, tax and interpersonal issues that may arise.

Sabal Trust Company can help.

We are the largest employee-owned trust company in Florida. Our relationship managers are knowledgeable professionals with experience in the fields of tax, investments, real estate and estate settlement.

A few advantages of naming Sabal Trust as your corporate trustee:

  • Ability to provide objective execution of document provisions. We are bound by the duty of impartiality, objectivity and confidentiality, which is critically important in sensitive family situations.
  • Longevity with no interruption of service. Each relationship has multiple managers who know your account and can respond quickly.
  • Expertise in safekeeping of assets, security transfers, accurate bookkeeping, and preparation of beneficiary accountings of trust transactions and asset valuations.
  • Prudent fiduciary investment management provided through a disciplined selection of asset allocation, which is customized for each relationship's needs.
  • Regulated by Federal & State entities.

If you choose Sabal Trust as your co-trustee, you may delegate most administrative and investment management duties or remain as actively involved in decision-making as you would like.

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